21th February the international mother language day.

Today is 21th February the international mother language day. As an Bangladeshi nation we’re feel proud and It’s our pride.we’re only nation in the world who are sacrificed their lives  for  mother tongue. In 1999 UNESCO was declared the 21 February is international mother language day. Since that time to whole world are celebrate this day as mother language day!

The story of 21 February is an memorable story for all the Bangladeshi as well all the banguli peoples who are speaking Bangla as their mother language in all over the world. In 1947 when the country was the separated geographically as east Pakistan (Bangladesh)  and west Pakistan (Pakistan). Then in 1948 Pakistan government declared in parliament  that all the official and national language is Urdu.even most of the peoples are speaking Bangla as their mother tongue. So they’re don’t accepted it, rather their are started the movement. In 21 February 1952 Dhaka University students staged a procession and were attacked by the police.police opened fire on them and salam,rafiq,shahid,Barkat, Jabbar are martyred. For their sacrifice today were speaking by our mother tongue and we got an independent country. They’re make us a proud nation!

We should pray for them and remember them with due respect. We will not forget them!

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