Bay Of Islands; One of the most famous New Zealand visitor points of interest

One of the most famous New Zealand visitor points of interest, the Bay of Islands is a haven for yachts and cruising boats. Pearls of 144 islands adorn the necklace of the Bay of Islands. Kayak alongside the coast, hike the island trails, experience secluded coves, and explore undisturbed forests. Considerable marine life inclusive of dolphins, whales, huge marlin, and penguins makes for a popular fishing spot. All of these collectively make the spot an excellent traveler destination in New Zealand.




Ritz Factor: Yachting and sailing spot.

Don’t Miss Hole in the Rock, the famous rock formation.




How to reach:

  • By means of air: Auckland Airport is well-linked with important global cities. Air New Zealand flights operate in tandem from Auckland to Bay of Island Airport, which is likewise called Kerikeri Airport.
  • By street: Bay of Islands is nicely linked with Auckland by way of the road. Intercity buses and taxis operate from Auckland to the Bay of Islands. The 193 km distance takes three hours to cover by using state highways.


Best time to visit: February – March

Stay options near Bay of Islands: Paradise on the Strand, Sea Spray Suites, Veronica House, and Arcadia Lodge

Location: Northland







As one of latest Zealand’s maximum famous summer destinations, the breathtaking herbal splendor, and 144 Bay of Islands 

From the picturesque cities of Paihia, Russell, and Kerikeri, you could get entry to nearly all the Bay has to offer. Whilst boating, fishing, cruising, and snorkeling are a number of the fave maritime activities, the Bay is likewise wealthy with history and tales to find out. Ipipiri (many places) is the authentic name of this place. Peowhairangi is an early transliteration of the Bay of Islands.



Bay of Islands lifestyle

In the centuries after Kupe located New Zealand, Māori migrated here in tremendous waka (canoes) and settled around the Northland location. The Bay of Islands is home to many iwi (tribes) including the Ngāpuhi.

Many early Māori settlements later performed essential roles within the development of recent Zealand, consisting of Kororareka (Russell), Kerikeri, and Waitangi.

The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 fashioned our kingdom’s records. A visit to Treaty Grounds is a first-rate way to learn about Māori culture and the activities leading up to the treaty signing.

For the duration of the vicinity, there are opportunities to enjoy Māori tradition and hear the myths and legends of these deeply spiritual human beings.


Things to do inside the Bay of Islands

With heat, and calm water yr-round, the Bay of Islands is a marine playground, perfect for swimming, boating, fishing, diving, and kayaking. Explore its lovely seashores or get out at the water with a cruise.

The place is famed for its local wildlife, consisting of marine mammals like dolphins, seals, and whales, and a range of birdlife. View our Bay of Islands flora and fauna manual. 

Fullers GreatSights offers a wide range of cruises across the Bay, as well as excursions to neighboring regions like the Hokianga and some distance North.

Surrounded by using rolling farmland and native bush, the Bay is a famous spot for walking and trekking. Discover more about Bay of Islands walks.



Bay of Islands records

The Fish of Maui

The usage of a fishhook manufactured from the jawbone of his ancestor Muri-ranga-Whenua, the Māori hero Maui fishes up the North Island. It is named Te Ika a Maui (The Fish of Maui).

C 1000AD: Kupe Discovers Aotearoa

The exceptional Polynesian navigator, Kupe, sails right here from Hawaiiki and named this untouched ‘Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud’.

The 1400s: The awesome Migration

One of seven extraordinary waka (canoes) used to emigrate from Hawaiiki, the Mataatua reaches the Bay of Islands, wherein Māori set up many tribes.

1769: A potent Endeavour

Captain James cook charts New Zealand aboard the Endeavour. Very occupied with this stunning bay of 144 islands (via he rely on) he names it … the Bay of Islands.

1772: Blood inside the Bay

An expedition led with the aid of French explorer Marion du Fresne ends violently at Assassination Cove in Te Hue Bay close to Russell. What started out as a fairly peaceful date with the local Māori tribes turns bitter, possibly because the explorers are located fishing in a tapu (sacred) area. Du Fresne and a lot of his crew are killed and eaten, and the French then kill as many as 250 Māori in retaliation.

1814: First Missionaries Arrive

Kororareka (or Russell) is now a wild and lawless port town of sailors, whalers, sealers, and deserters. The primary missionaries arrive within the Bay of Islands to strive and sort them out.

1840: The Treaty of Waitangi

A historic settlement between Māori tribes (iwi) and the British Crown is signed at Waitangi by using 43 Northland chiefs and 500 other Māori chiefs on 6 February 1840, now celebrated as a national excursion.

1841: Capitals and Liquor

Okiato, later known as Russell, turns into New Zealand’s first capital. The Duke of Marlborough motel is issued New Zealand’s first liquor license in Russell.

1887: release of the Undine

Albert Ernest Fuller launches the sailing ship ‘Undine’ to deliver coal materials to the islands.

1900: A quieter life

The united states’ capital movements to Auckland (then later to Wellington) and the Bay of Islands becomes a piece more like the peaceful, picturesque location you spot earlier than you these days.

1927: The Cream experience

Fuller acquires the Cream trip agreement from Edmund Lane and begins transporting cream from farms on the islands. In the next 12 months, he also wins the Royal Mail agreement, permitting him to supply submit.

The Sixties: an afternoon inside the Bay

The Cream ride has ended up a famous attraction. For five shillings a traveler can spend all day on the long-lasting Bay Belle launch, picking up cream cans from remoted farms and having a notable day trip in the Bay.

1978: maintaining the Bay

The Bay of Islands Maritime and historical Park is mounted to promote the area as a leisure paradise and assist defend its unique character so that destiny residents and traffic can continue to experience it.






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