Best 4 Tips for Maximizing Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Apart from the thousands of features of the smartphone, the most important thing is the battery backup. Although the price is more or less, most of the smartphones available in the market today have almost the same battery capacity and charging technology. For this reason, not all smartphones have a different way of keeping the battery long or good. In fact, in this phone-centric life, nobody likes it if the battery level of the handset goes down very quickly, and it has to be charged again and again. So to use it throughout the day and to keep it safe for a long time there are some things to keep in mind. By doing this, even if the phone becomes old, there will be no problem with the battery.

Keep these things in mind to keep the smartphone battery in good condition

1. Not more than 80% charge: If you keep the phone charged for a long time and charge it fully (100%) it puts pressure on the battery. Even though the battery level is 100%, even if you keep the phone charged for a long time, you will make a mistake. In fact, experts recommend charging the battery up to 80 percent. Some branded smartphones like Apple iPhone, Samsung, and Asus automatically stop charging when the battery reaches 80 percent.

2. Don’t let the charge drop below 20 percent: Not only full charge but discharging the phone repeatedly has a significant impact on the battery. So don’t let the phone’s battery level drop below 20%, charge it before that. But remember, except in an emergency situation, it is not right to charge the battery when the level drops a little.

3. Use the original charger: Use the charger provided by the company with your smartphone. If necessary, buy the original charger of the company. Because using any other charger outside of this may damage the smartphone battery.

4. Beware of Overheating: If the phone overheats, the battery is greatly damaged. So if the phone gets hot, stop using it immediately and keep the cover open.

Also, try to close the background app to keep the phone battery good. Turn off mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity if not required. It will charge more time. And keep the software up-to-date from time to time to maintain good battery health.



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