JBL Live Pro Plus Review Updates.

These are like an upgraded version to the . So you’re getting some better space, x but most importantly, they’re now giving you a multipoint connection, so that’s a pretty significant upgrade. You’re also getting better battery life as well as some other things And not only that, they’re coming in at a more affordable price. These are coming in at only $150, which is the Live Pro Plus. When those were released, those were 180, I believe. So you’re getting a little bit better specs, better performance, and a more affordable price. So you have a few different color options. Starting off with the charging case. So, the charging case is pretty straightforward. You got kind of a square shape. You have your JBL branding on the lid.

You have a matte finish all the way around on the front of the case, you do have three Led indicators to help you gauge your battery life. And then over on the back is where you have your Type C charging port. Also, the case does offer you wireless charging, so if that’s a must-have feature for you, these have you covered. Moving over to the earbuds. Obviously, we have the stem style design along the stem. It’s got kind of a reflective finish, which does add a nice touch. These are using touch controls, which you can customize within the JBL headphones app. Now, one thing that is different about these is the oval-shaped ear tips, which are designed to give you a more comfortable fit as well as better sound isolation. These also feature in-ear detection, which means anytime you remove one of the earbuds from your ear, your music will automatically pause and then it will automatically resume once you place it back in your ear. So these are running Bluetooth 5.2. They also feature Google fast pair, which means if you’re on an Android device, as soon as you remove the earbuds from the case, you get that automatic pop-up on your phone, which makes for a very seamless pairing process.

These also support independent use, which means you can use either the left or the right earbud, while the other remains inside of the case. As far as battery life, you’re looking at roughly 10 hours on a single charge, with an additional 30 hours from the case, for a total of 40 hours, which is some pretty impressive battery life if you ever picked them up. And you’re short on battery. They do feature fast charging, so just 15 minutes in the case will give you roughly 4 hours of listening time. So that’s also very impressive. As far as water resistance, these have an IPX Five rating, so sweat and water splashes aren’t going to be an issue. Just make sure you don’t completely submerge them in water. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the JBL Headphones app so you can get a feel for the experience that you’re going to get. So once you pull up the app, you’re able to see the battery life of the earbuds as well as the case. You can also adjust the ambient sound control so you’re able to switch between the active noise cancelation as well as the ambient mode or the talk-through mode.

And for each of those modes, you do have an adjustable slider. So for the active noise cancellation, you can choose Adaptive Noise Cancelation, which is basically going to have the earbuds detect how much ambient noise is taking place around you and adjust the level of noise cancelation accordingly. Or you can go into the settings and adjust it yourself. You also have the same option for the ambient mode, so again, you can adjust the slider and find a point that sounds the best to you. You also have a fully adjustable equalizer, so you’re able to come in here and play around with the different EQ bands and get the best possible sound for your ears. You also have two different connection modes, so you have an audio mode which is designed for music and to give you the best audio quality, and then you have a video mode which is designed to give you the best performance when you’re watching videos. So usually I can’t really tell much of a difference between the two modes, but you can play around with them to see if one suits you better than the other. And then as far as the touch controls, you are able to customize the controls for the left as well as the right earbud.

The only drawback is that you’re not able to get all of your controls at once. So between your volume controls, your playback controls, your voice assistant, as well as your ambient sound controls, you do have to pick and choose what group you want for the left and what group you do want for the right. So again, unfortunately, you’re not able to get all of them at once. And then we also have something called Voice Aware. So this is similar to the sidetone feature that you get on jobs’earbuds where the microphones will allow you to hear yourself whenever you’re on a phone call. So if that’s a feature that you do like, you do have that with the JBL Live Pro Two. And not only that, you’re able to adjust how much of your voice you’re able to hear. And then we also have the Auto Play and Pause or the In-Ear Detection so if you don’t want that feature, you do have the option to turn it off. And then there are a few other things that you’re able to dive into, like setting up your voice assistant. You’re able to go through a fit test to make sure you’re getting the most proper fit.

And then you also have the option to find your earbuds, which will basically cause the earbuds to make a really high-pitched sound. That way if you misplace them around the house, you can use that, and hopefully you’ll be able to hear the earbuds and locate them. So let’s go ahead and talk about the biggest upgrade, which is the multi-point connection. So basically what that allows you to do is connect the earbuds to two devices at the same time. So if you do a lot of multitasking and you want to connect to your phone as well as your laptop at the same time, you do have that option. So the setup is very simple. Basically, you want to go through the pairing process on your primary device first. In most cases that are going to be your phone. So after you get that set up, go ahead and turn off the Bluetooth on your primary device and turn on the Bluetooth on your secondary device and go through the pairing process on the secondary device. Once you do that, go ahead and turn on the Bluetooth on your primary device and the earbuds will connect to both devices.

One thing that I noticed when I was testing the multipoint is that when I switched from my phone over to my computer, it was very fast. There was basically no lag in switching over from the phone to the computer. But when I switched over from my computer back to my phone, there was like a three to four-second delay. I’m not really sure what the reason would be for that, but I just wanted to mention it here in this review. But for all intents and purposes, the multi-point does work. It does work well. So if that’s a must-have feature for you, these are a viable option. Now, in terms of the fit, these are pretty straightforward. I mean, if you’ve ever tried stem-style earbuds in the past and you pretty much know what to expect, for me, they do stay in place relatively well. They probably wouldn’t be my go-to for the gym. I could probably get away with using these for workouts, but I would find myself needing to readjust them from time to time. Now in terms of comfort, they are very comfortable. If you’re looking for something that you can wear for extended periods of time, these would definitely have you covered.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the sound quality which when it comes to JPL ear buzz, that’s usually one of the main highlights, at least for me. So these are using eleven-millimeter drivers and if you like a very dynamic sound. So very strong, aggressive bass, as well as very clean, crisp, detailed treble. You can certainly achieve that with these earbuds, especially when you go into the EQ and really tweak the settings. So if you’re familiar with JBL earbuds, then you know what I’m talking about. As far as the base, you can really achieve some very strong impactful base. So if the base is your thing, you can’t really go wrong with these. Also, if you prefer more detail and clarity, you can scale down that base, kind of scale up the mids and the highs, and kind of balance those out to a point that sounds the best for you. So, long story short, the sound quality on these is excellent. They get loud and they have plenty of frequency to go around, whether it’s bass, mids, highs, or whatever you want, you can achieve that with these earbuds. Now, when it comes to the active noise cancelation, I would say that the performance is solid.

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