KTM launched the 889cc

KTM launched the 889cc version of its LC8 two-cylinder engine, it was only a matter of time before the 790 models using the 799cc version were replaced. Now the low/medium displacement engine is spreading across all ranges as KTM aims to produce more affordable models for customers.

The US market already has the Duke 790 as an alternative to the Duke 890 R, and elsewhere the 790 Adventure has been relaunched in 2023. with modern styling, as a less expensive alternative to the 890 Adventure. However, KTM will continue to release more affordable alternatives to larger displacement models, with the latest model being the new off-road-focused 790 Adventure R.

While the 890 Adventure R has 104 hp with an 889 cc engine, the new 790 Adventure R has 95 hp. While the Chinese approval document does not offer details on torque, the engine specification will be the same as that of the 2023 790 Adventure, with 86.7 Nm versus the 890 version’s 100 Nm.

The engine is an incredibly compact DOHC 8 valve, parallel twin cylinder unit displacing 799 cc. The motor puts out a healthy 96 bhp at 8,000 rpm and 89nm of torque at a slightly lower 6,800 rpm through the six speed gearbox. Further evidence of the different characteristics of the road and adventure versions of the motor can be seen in the power graphs of the two bikes, with the adventure incarnation developing peak power far lower down the rev range.

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