Toyota FT-3e: A Cutting-Edge Vision of the Future for Electric Crossovers

Distinguishing itself from the potentially more exciting FT-Se, the Toyota FT-3e stands as a pragmatic crossover sharing components with an electric sports car. It embraces an avant-garde design philosophy, conceived as a glimpse into the next generation of electric vehicles, while keeping its technical specifications closely guarded. The vehicle’s angular aesthetics, featuring broad light bars and a seemingly “floating” roof spoiler, exude the appearance of an electric crossover from the year 2030.

Among the noteworthy features of the FT-3e is the incorporation of external side screens in the doors, offering occupants insights into interior temperature, air quality, and the battery charge level. Those conspicuous squares integrated into the B- and C-pillars likely serve as sensors for fingerprint recognition. Keen observers will spot that the charging port has been cleverly placed in the left rear quarter panel, deviating from the traditional location on the front fender as seen on the bZ4X.

The bold concept boasts an almost level roofline, promising ample headroom for rear passengers. Speaking of the interior, it hosts no less than seven screens. In addition to the customary digital driver’s display and infotainment system, there are two portrait-oriented screens flanking the steering wheel. Furthermore, the side mirrors have been replaced by cameras that transmit their feeds to two screens mounted at the base of the A-pillars, while even the interior rearview mirror takes the form of a screen. Notably, a cutout in the dashboard suggests the presence of a head-up display, and to its right, essential information such as destination address, estimated time of arrival, and current vehicle speed are thoughtfully presented. The sole observable physical controls appear to be on the door cards, and even these seem to operate as capacitive touch keys.

Toyota remains mum on whether a production version of the FT-3e will materialize. The use of the “FT” nomenclature alludes to “Future Toyota,” yet it doesn’t necessarily imply an imminent release. The “3” designation signifies that this electric crossover is smaller in size compared to the bZ4X, a model measuring 184.6 inches in length.

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