Unveiling Super73’s Timeless Blackout Collection

In a world of ever-changing trends, one thing remains constant: the enduring appeal of the color black. Its timeless elegance and versatility have made it a favorite across various domains, from fashion to automotive design. Now, Super73, a California-based electric bike manufacturer, has embraced the classic allure of black with their Blackout Collection.

The Super73 Blackout Collection pays homage to the enduring charm of black. This collection is based on three popular Super73 models: the Z Series, S Series, and R Series. Each of these models exudes a retro-inspired design, drawing inspiration from the world of motorcycles and incorporating a sleek all-black aesthetic.

What sets the Blackout Collection apart is the meticulous attention to detail. These bikes not only feature a striking black appearance but also come equipped with practical elements, including built-in LED headlights, frame guards, and luggage racks, making them both stylish and functional.

Let’s begin with the Blackout Z Series, the most budget-friendly option in the collection, priced at $3,095. It’s an excellent entry point for those looking to explore the world of e-bikes. Powered by a 600-watt rear hub motor, the Z Series reaches a top speed of 28 miles per hour. With its sturdy knobby tires and front suspension fork, it offers decent off-road capabilities. The 615-watt-hour battery pack provides impressive range between charges, while the premium Magura hydraulic disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power.

The Super73 Blackout S, priced at $3,795, is a versatile all-rounder that delivers an exciting riding experience no matter where you go. It boasts a more powerful 750-watt rear hub motor and a larger 960-watt-hour battery pack. Like the Z Series, it features chunky knobby tires, a front suspension fork, and Magura hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring confident stops. With an eight-speed drivetrain, it promises a dynamic and thrilling ride.

The Super73 Blackout Collection celebrates the timeless allure of black in design. It goes beyond being just a color; it represents sophistication and practicality. These e-bikes are more than just a means of transportation; they make a statement about style and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned e-bike enthusiast or a newcomer to the electric bike world, the Super73 Blackout Collection offers something unique that transcends fleeting trends—it offers the enduring elegance of black.

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