What does the data server do?

The data server is one kind of storage. in this center lot of data is included on the server. Some of the IT companies included their data on the server. As a country, some of the data is stored in a place to operate their work, and storage data. 


Then that data connection to the web. we called this website. some of the websites are called domains. Domain has hosting. and hosting has a data center to connect the main server. 


there are five types of hosting


  • Shared Hosting. Shared hosting is where many people start their hosting journey because it’s one of the most affordable ways to host a website. …
  • Cloud Hosting. …
  • VPS Hosting. …
  • Managed WordPress Hosting. …
  • Colocation Hosting.


VPS hosting is now popular for everyone. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most flexible hosting solutions.


VPS hosting services offer a balance of both flexibility and affordability that might be perfect for your business. The best VPS hosting services offer managed and unmanaged plans with generous storage, RAM, and bandwidth.



Most users who outgrow their initial shared hosting plans will upgrade to VPS hosting. This form of hosting gives you more control over your hosting environment, along with added server storage and bandwidth. With this, you can easily support larger sites that get high volumes of traffic.



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