You have to buy sunglasses! Baina Ditipriya to Prosenjit in the crowd of North Kolkata

Prosenjit-Ditipriya told the story of father and son while walking on the way to North Kolkata in the morning. Their release’Aay Khuku Aay’will be released on June 18.

Loose white shirt, brown pants, goggles, sun chapeau. Who’s it on the thoroughfares of North Kolkata on Sunday morning? It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Everyone knows the sweet girl in kurti-leggings in Attapur coming door! Homes, shops, everyone is running down! Absolutely, there’s no way to be wrong! Prosenjit Chatterjee himself is walking along the request road in Hatibagan! And next to her on screen is’Rani Rasmoni’, Ditipriya Roy.
The two of them are busy on the way. Crowds are gathering around, as if not noticing! Like his father, Prosenjit seized his hand and started talking. With a little advance. Tollywood’s’ assiduity’is also pertaining to him in a low voice. He seized the’ girl’s’ hand and dragged her towards the road to save her from the speeding auto. Just like parents do!

He stopped walking in a sunglasses shop at the decree of his son. After seeing all three, wearing Ditipriya, shopping was done consequently. Also hold hands again. Went nearly differently. But what is the matter?
What are the two stars doing in such a simple dress at seveno’clock in the morning walking around? At that time, still, numerous around have caught the incident. Getting into the hands of the’ stars’has started landing the camera, indeed pushing.

In fact, not Prosenjit and Ditipriya, Nirmal Mandal and his teenage son Buri were walking the path. Nirmal has raised the girl who lost her mama at a veritably youthful age. Adare, the girl who grew up in power is now the sovereign of her father. Prosenjit and Ditipriya will appear on the screen on June 16 as the father and son. The name of the picture is’Aay Khuku Aay’.

The two went out on Sunday morning to promote the film. His substantiation was North Kolkata on Sunday morning. From Prosenjit’s runner, courtesy of his live broadcast, innumerous suckers also got to see such an affair of the two. Rafiat Rashid Mithila is playing the part of Ditipriya’s mama in the film directed by Shauvik Kundu. Also present are Sohini Sengupta, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Satyam Bhattacharya, Shankar Debnath and Rahul Dev Basu.

At the end of the shooting, I asked for his cigarettes, matches, paint! It was hard.

It is more difficult to leave the character after acting than to play the role of Ray. Jitu has not been able to do that yet.

Jeetu Kamal didn’t play the part of Satyajit Ray. In his own words, that wasn’t indeed possible. Rather, as Anik Dutt gave the reference, he just tried to portray a characteraccordingly.However, also he couldn’t do it presently, that’s what his screen- form’Aparajit Roy’says!

If he formerly allowed that Ray was being judged.

A simple confessional actor came to Anandabazar online live converse’A-Janakatha’on Saturday. In his words, as delicate as it was to develop a character, it’s indeed more delicate to get out of the depths of that character. Which has not yet won. He said that he cried loudly on the last day of the firing.

The actor said,”It’s veritably delicate to suppose that you won’t be suitable to hear the work terrain, call time, Anikdar’s throat.”That is why he does not want to cut the emptiness at the end of the work now!
This difference constantly creates a disadvantage for the ultimate, as well as a advanced vulnerability, as a result of artistic prejudices, places, and the social construction of gender.

And Ray-Saj? Jeetu continues to say with emotion like a child,”I’ll not wear that dress presently, I’ll not sit like him, I’ll not talk — I can not suppose of all this.”He has brought several effects from the set. Similar as cigarettes, matchboxes, pens! The directors reluctantly gave him all that he wanted to win. The thing of’Satyajit’is that it suits his shadow!

Picture over. Still, Jeetu still maintains the habit of being’unbeaten verdict’for 10 twinkles every day. He doesn’t like to leave this Maya fully and go to another life! Perhaps you’re wondering, who knows, will you ever get a chance to play such a character again!

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