D:X Concept Unveiled: Nissan’s Vision for the Future of Family Adventure Vehicles

In a dazzling showcase at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, Nissan took center stage with the Hyper Force, an electrifying glimpse into the next-generation GT-R. While this supercar concept dazzled the audience, there was another star in the lineup that’s worthy of our attention – the D:X concept, a chubby minivan with a bold vision for family adventures.

Nestled amidst the futuristic prototypes, the D:X stood out as a unique offering, offering a sneak peek into the possible evolution of the Delica series. This six-seater vehicle is designed for the outdoor enthusiasts and those who crave memorable journeys.

The D:X is a harmonious blend of two worlds – it combines the off-road prowess of an SUV with the practicality of a minivan. It features raised suspension, all-wheel drive, sliding doors, and a nearly flat roof, which maximizes interior space. Notably, it flaunts shorter overhangs compared to the current Delica, giving it a rugged and robust appearance with chunky body cladding surrounding the wheel arches and bumpers.

This family adventure vehicle is well-prepared for off-road escapades, with front and rear skid plates and side steps, adding to its crossover appeal. The D:X’s striking copper paint finish, T-shaped lights at the front and rear, and a roof box for additional storage capacity underline its commitment to both style and substance.

For the driver, the D:X offers unparalleled visibility, thanks to a front camera that feeds real-time video to a large dashboard-mounted screen, creating the illusion of an expanded windshield. Furthermore, digital rearview mirrors integrated into the A-pillars enhance the driver’s situational awareness.

Step inside the D:X, and you’ll find a cabin designed with versatility in mind. Mitsubishi has introduced what they call “panoramic seats.” These seats, swathed in luxurious tan leather, not only adjust fore and aft but also rotate 180 degrees, enhancing the vehicle’s social aspect. Each headrest boasts a pair of Yamaha speakers, ensuring a high-quality audio experience during your adventures.

Structurally, the D:X doesn’t compromise on strength. The rear pillars are reinforced with a circular framework structure using a rib-bone frame, ensuring both safety and durability on those demanding journeys.

While the D:X concept has been unveiled as a potential plug-in hybrid, specific details about its powertrain remain under wraps. Nonetheless, it maintains the Delica tradition of all-wheel drive, catering to outdoor enthusiasts and off-road aficionados.

The D:X concept hints at the exciting possibilities in the next generation of family adventure vehicles. With the current Delica model in production since 2007 and a much-anticipated refresh in 2019, the D:X’s arrival couldn’t be more timely. As Nissan looks ahead to the future of family travel, the D:X represents a bold and promising step into the world of adventure and versatility.

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