Realm 9 Forge and Design King C35 with 108 megapixel camera unveiled

Realmy’s number two and C-series phones have been unveiled by youngsters at a great launch event in the desert, the country’s first virtual and physically mixed mode. For the first time in Bangladesh, a 106 megapixel camera based on ISOLcell HM6 sensor has been brought through Realmy 9 Forge device.

The Realm 9 device with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage is available in three great colors: Sunburst Gold, Stargaz White and Meteor Black. The device is priced at just Rs 26,990. On the other hand, the most stylish and beautifully designed phone in the entry level segment is Realmy C35. Realmy C35 with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage in two colors Glowing Green and Glowing Black will be available in the market for only Rs 18,990.

The two devices in their respective series have come up with various innovations. These two excellent phones have special offers during the flash sale of the drawers. The Realm C35 device will be available for Rs 15,990 under the special offer during the flash sale from 2pm today and the Realm 9 device will be available for Rs 25,090 during the flash sale on May 24 at 2pm.

The Realm 9 Forge device with state-of-the-art HM6 sensor uses a 108-megapixel Prolite high-quality camera. This will allow users to take nice pictures in ‘minimum’ light. The device has a remarkable Super AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate and a 7-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 80-processor; Which is updated compared to the previous generation and the power consumption is much less so energy saving; It also has the country’s first ripple holographic design. The device is 7.99 mm thin and weighs only 18 grams. With a powerful 5,000 mAh battery and 33 watt dart charge technology, this device will instantly win the hearts of any young person. The Realm 9 device is the best in this price range. RealMe 9’s state-of-the-art camera is one of the most sought after smartphones in this segment.

On the other hand, the aesthetically designed Realmy C35 device is the most stylish entry-level smartphone that will add a whole new dimension to the phone usage of Realmy fans. The design of the Realm C35 phone is innovative and uses the best design in the entry-level smartphones. Within this price, buyers will get the opportunity to buy premium flagship design phones. The 6.1mm Ultra Slim Dynamic Glowing Phone uses a powerful Unisk T617 processor, the most powerful processor in this segment. This phone also has a 50 megapixel AI triple camera and an 8 megapixel selfie camera. This smartphone has received the TUV Rhineland Smartphone High Reliability Certification, which ensures the durability and quality of this phone. Realmy C35 is the best design phone of 2022 at the entry level so far.

X60 5G is bringing the benefit of cinematography on mobile

Premium segment; Vivo has announced the launch of a new X series smartphone. Model name Vivo X60 5G. According to sources, this new model smartphone will be brought to the country’s smartphone market very soon.

Vivo customers have previously experienced professional photography on Vivo’s X60 Pro and X60 Pro smartphones. The devices have also been widely acclaimed by content creators. Maintaining this continuity, the X60 5G smartphone also has a camera lens made by Carl Joyce.

On top of that, for the first time, there will be Vivo V1 + chip technology. Vivo’s research staff worked for more than two and a half years to create the chip. It is a fully customized integrated circuit chip that will ensure great quality imaging and videography.

This smartphone also has the optics of Carl Joyce. There is T coating standard; Which maintains the balance of light in the camera lens. In addition, the feature will play a helpful role in reducing the reflection of light and controlling unwanted light.
With the help of this, it is possible to easily paint a picture in clear and  real colors.

Another feature of the smartphone at the top of the discussion is Jays Professional Video Features. It includes Jays Cinematic Video Bokeh, which specializes in capturing professional videos like watching on the big screen. It makes perfect use of Zeiss lens effects and creates oval flares in videos and pictures.

It is known that this smartphone will have another fun feature called Time Lapse. Time lapse technology does not have video frames, resulting in much larger visuals. At the same time many large range of hyper laps will match using this technology. Time lapse technology helps to achieve 360 ​​degree horizon leveling stabilization.

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