Ride into the Future with Neco’s Stylish E-Pop Scooter

Electric two-wheelers come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum, there are high-performance machines, such as the Energicas and Zeros, showcasing the thriving world of performance motorcycling without the traditional internal combustion engine. On the opposite side, you’ll find compact and unique urban commuters like the Brekr Model B and the new E-Pop electric scooter from Neco, a Belgian brand.

Neco, known for its small-displacement gasoline-powered scooters and commuter motorcycles, is now venturing into the future with the E-Pop. This quirky two-wheeler offers performance similar to e-bikes and mopeds commonly seen in the United States. It boasts motorcycle-inspired aesthetics with its exposed frame, reminiscent of the Honda Ruckus, and retains the stripped-down charm but in a smaller, more compact form.

In terms of performance, the Neco E-Pop features a rear hub electric motor generating 1,200 watts, roughly equivalent to 1.6 horsepower, putting it in line with 50cc mopeds. It can reach a modest top speed of 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour) and is powered by a compact 48-volt, 28 ampere-hour battery, offering a single-charge range of up to 60 kilometers (about 37 miles). The battery is conveniently removable for charging, whether on or off the bike.

Regarding its construction, the E-Pop’s design is open and straightforward. It includes a double rear shock setup and a standard telescopic fork upfront, without any adjustable features. The scooter rides on small 10-inch wheels and employs front and rear disc brakes for stopping power. The E-Pop comes with practical features like a built-in luggage rack, full-LED lighting, a keyless start system, and a USB charging port. Interestingly, it provides a two-seater saddle, though achieving its top speed of 28 miles per hour with a passenger might be a challenge.

In Europe, the Neco E-Pop is available in four striking colors: black, orange, yellow, and green. What’s particularly attractive about this scooter is its price tag, which starts at just 1,999 Euros, or approximately $2,120 USD.

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