What is the meaning of ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT?

Every day the world of Artificial Intelligence/AI is making phenomenal progress. In the past year, we have seen some amazing inventions in the field of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Like with MidJourneyAI but now creating amazingly beautiful images. Again, without sitting for hours, with the help of just a couple of keywords, it is possible to get the desired image within a moment. Such images are also available with OpenAI’s DALLĀ·E 2. Like MidJourneyAI and ChatGPT, it is still free with certain limits. But this is the advantage of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Less will be the result will be more. ChatGPT is one such artificial intelligence that can understand human language and understand the meaning of that language and can provide the desired solution to people.

ChatGPT is all you need. It is a project of OpenAI. The full form of which is: Generative Pre-trained Transformer

But it was released last year, i.e. November 2022. It is a bot that you can talk to and answer questions like a human.

Now you may have a question, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana also understand our language and bring us what we are looking for.

So how is ChatGPT different here? No sir, the story is here. Let’s see why ChatGPT is unique.

Virtual Assistant vs ChatGPT:

When we ask Google Assistant, Cortana, or other virtual assistants what kind of results do they show us?

Maybe they bring/listen to something summarized from a site or suggest some links. Apart from this, they cannot do anything using their intelligence.

But, ChatGPT uses its intelligence to answer you according to your needs. But not by directly copying and pasting from somewhere.

Because the machine learning elements it contains are used with great precision. It has been developed using NPL or Natural Processing Language which helps to understand human language.

As a result, ChatGPT also works in the same way that when we ask each other something, he understands the question and gives a clear and direct answer. As a result, unlike Google or other assistants, it does not show anything memorized or solve tasks by reference.

If it doesn’t have information in its repository, it won’t tell you directly as we do in our daily life.

This is what separates ChatGPT from other virtual AI or assistants.

What can ChatGPT do and what are its benefits?

That being said, ChatGPT can do a lot. Maybe shortly we will see its use in creating artificial intelligence robots/devices like in science fiction movies.

Artificial intelligence is replacing human intelligence. Proof of which is ChatGPT. A man’s knowledge is limited. No man can be omniscient. A person’s life is spent acquiring knowledge about very few things.

But there are hundreds of articles on the internet/web on thousands of topics which are written in light of the knowledge of billions of people. A man can never contain so much even if he wants to. But a machine can do it if it wants.

But the machine had a limitation, it could show them exactly, but it could not read them like a human and produce something like its own output. But now that is going to be possible.

For example, you want to know about the history of the independence of Bangladesh. If you ask Google, it won’t tell you anything directly. Maybe show you some articles from one site or link to many sites.

You have to read the ads carefully. Which is annoying. In our daily life but when we ask someone if we want to know, no one gives us a link/reference like this, or even we get annoyed.

But ChatGPT makes that task easy as water.

Are you programming?

Tell ChatGPT if you get stuck on something. The solution is at hand.

Maybe asked him to code a Snake Game. But it will not give you references like Google. He will do the direct code.

Or suppose, developing apps with Flutter. If you need a code that you can’t, ChatGPT can do that too.

Life is so simple, right?

It is possible to get simple solutions to thousands of such questions. As a result, if you get stuck on something, you don’t have to turn to him. You don’t have to look at the ads of thousands of sites on the internet to get ideas.

Asking questions on ChatGPT will give easy solutions.

Suppose again, you are going to write an article but you don’t have enough resources. no problem Don’t have ChatGPT?

ChatGPT will write not only resources but articles of your choice

Maybe you want to earn online but don’t get ideas. Before going to any big brother, ask ChatGPT at hand.

Want to write a letter? Don’t know how to write? Tell ChatGPT. Will write in a moment.

One of the biggest problems a student has to face is the assignment. Resource after resource occurs then the desired solution is found. But if the assistant does all these things at hand, who bothers so much?

If you want to solve any problem, ChatGPT can solve it instantly.

In this way, this mega project ChatGPT of OpenAI has come to make all kinds of daily life easier.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT:

Artificial intelligence is meant to make people’s daily lives easier. However, as a result of this, you may have to face various difficulties. Let’s touch on a few such topics.

If we talk about difficulties, then creativity will come first. We humans are very lazy. Always seek comfort. Before the invention of vehicles, people traveled on foot. But now two minutes off the road is not possible without a car.

So what is the matter? People don’t want to work when a simpler solution comes along. Becomes lazy. As a result, the urge to do something by yourself is reduced. As a result, the creative thinking of people decreases.

The education sector may suffer the most from its impact. Students will not want to learn to read on their own when they have all the answers. The assignment will be copy-pasted. And students do not have to suffer in an online-based education system.

Just tell the artificial intelligence what to do. The rest will be automatic. As a result, the student does not have to do anything. Due to this, the basic achievement of education will be completely disrupted.

Also, if creativity decreases, people will become overly dependent on technology, which can sometimes become a barrier to intellectual development.

Once upon a time, people used to steal other people’s writings and continue under their names. Now people write articles through AI and publish them under their name.

Although this method has not been as lively as human writing so far, as a result, it was possible to understand them only with some expert results. Let’s see what ChatGPT does.

Many people may lose their jobs as technology-based jobs increase in this AI age. There are also thousands of other potential problems.

Future of ChatGPT:

The future is AI, and AI is the future. If this AI, which was released only in November, is so powerful in less than two months, imagine where it will be in 1, 2, or 5 years.

It is currently collecting data from chats. with which it is trained. As a result, its resources are increasing day by day and becoming more interactive.

In the current state of ChatGPT, it is safe to say that in the future AI is going to play with human creativity. The rote system currently in use is likely to be drastically reduced.

In the future, humans will get a lot of help from AI in whatever sector they work in.

Those who do smart/auto blogging now write articles with AI. It is going to be more advanced in the future.

Again, in the field of education, instant answers are available. Therefore, AI will help students’ talent.

The same applies to developing or other fields. The small projects that are there are only done with instructions. Many projects can be completed in two-three minutes without any bugs/errors.

For example basic calculator, web browser, various small games, etc.

Is ChatGPT free?

  1. So far OpenAI has kept it free. Currently, they are continuing their development by analyzing user queries. So this project is kept free so that more data is available.

But they are spending money on these queries. OpenAI costs 0.01 cents for each call, according to information from various sources on the Internet. Data train for so many queries and more advanced is not trivial.

So it is certain that they are going to charge it soon. No one would ever want to lose a project worth so many billions of dollars for free.

Leaving that future aside, let’s see how to view Google Search Habijabi results as well as Exact results through ChatGPT.

Some simple uses of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT Web: https://chat.openai.com/

Chrome Extension: ChatGPT can be easily taken advantage of through Chrome Extension. When you search for something on Google, you will see the results of ChatGPT very nicely on the right side of the Google results page.

As a result, you don’t have to bother browsing the website anymore.

Download the extension from the link below.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

VSCode Extension: Microsoft’s VSCode is a very familiar and popular tool for those involved in programming. Here it is possible to make programming easier and more enjoyable with the help of various apps/Plugins.

ChatGPT’s VSCode plugin makes it easy to get any code definition and instant help. It’s a bit of a hassle to set up though. Because here cookies have to be injected from the browser.

Maybe a simpler method will come later.

You can download it from the link below.

ChatGPT VSCode Extension

Apart from these, there are many more. If you search in VS Code, you will get it. Try at your own risk according to your needs.

Google vs OpenAi ChatGPT:

When OpenAI has discovered such advanced technology, is it the end of Google’s reign?

Such questions are normal. But in this case, the answer will be no.

Because the current world’s tech giant is Google. Manpower is not an issue for such a big company as Google.

As a result, it will be seen that Google has come up with something else before the work of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is fully completed.

So it would not be right to say that Google is going to lose to OpenAI.

ChatGPT is still very weak. Giving a lot of wrong information. It will update as you train and reduce the error rate.

But Google has been working on such human language for many years. They have many resources.

As a result, they may be able to come up with a beta version sooner if they want.

But the real story is elsewhere. Microsoft has already invested $1 billion (data from online) in OpenAI.

And Microsoft’s Bing is the world’s second most popular search engine with about 9% market share.

According to the rumors, Bing and ChatGPT are going to make a splash together next March.

If that happens, people will undoubtedly give importance to Microsoft+OpenAI to get search results and the benefits of AI more easily.

And seeing the face of profit in this project, Microsoft should not hesitate to invest more.

At this time, if people lean more towards Microsoft than Google, then it will not be good for Google.

However, the future will tell what Google’s thinking is during this ChatGPT stir.

No matter what, the better the technology, the better it will be for us.

If Microsoft is screwing up, we can expect at least some of ChatGPT’s features to be free.

Let’s see how far this AI can go in the end.

Where does ChatGPT fail?

Don’t help in anything immoral. Find a game crack. Ask about suicidal issues. Want crime-related suggestions?

See you will listen to the policy.

Don’t want to help directly. That is, don’t help you with something that is humanly inappropriate.

Developers are training what we commonly know to be serious crimes to detect such searches.

It should be called a success rather than a failure.

Maybe in the future people say We are going to get more advanced virtual robots as regular friends.

That just won’t help. Rather, it will help with advice in times of depression and danger. With the way developers are now turning to chatbots, it’s only a matter of time before the sector evolves.


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